The Aliens Were Gonna Pay.....

The space cats were off! They hurtled away from the space station into the blackness. Somewhere out there, lurking, were the aliens that were causing the humans so much trouble. He wouldn’t allow it! That was what space cats were best at after all, getting in the way of things. Birch looked over his striped shoulder at Mittens and Snowball. The father from the space station they got, the more Snowball lagged behind.


Birch pulled back on the reins of  his crispy vehicle, slowing to a stop. Mittens, diminishing his speed as well, Mittens asks, “What’s wrong?”.


“Snowball is being slow.”


“He’s always like that.” Mittens said. She lifted a white paw and licked the pink pads of his feet before grooming her head. It took a few minutes for Snowball to catch up.


“You two are so fast!”


“You would be too if you didn’t eat so many cat treats!” Mittens scolded. Snowball stuck his tongue out at her.


“If you fall behind the aliens might separate you. We need to stand together!” Birch said, sliding his bacon transport between the two. Snowball puffed up, looking very round and like his namesake. His new frosty demeanor wasn’t helping the resemblance either. What did heroes do in this situation? Birch had watched a lot of TV perched above his owner’s couch on the hovering cat bed.


He was about to summon up a speech when something flew through space and struck Snowball in the face in a poof of green dust and sent him and his pizza spinning away.


“Snowball!” cried Mittens and Birch. They zoomed after him, catching up to him a few planets away. Birch is the first to lay paw on the pizza. Snowball has rolled over with his fluffy, white paws in the air, a happy expression on his face. Birch sniffed. Happiness washed over him. Catnip! These aliens were cleverer than most!


Mittens was coming closer and he held up a paw. “Stay back, it’s catnip!” She wheeled around quickly, staying outside its reach. She circled around them.


“I’ll protect you from another attack!” she declared. Birch stretched. At this point, he didn’t really care if the aliens took him home or not. Maybe they had nice scratching posts? Anyway, it’s hard to worry when everything is so great! Where did the aliens get this stuff? This was high quality catnip!


Purring, he rolled around on his bacon and for a moment considered eating it. Or maybe Snowball’s pizza would be better. Birch couldn’t decide. He was floating through space with his friends and the stars really were beautiful. Minutes passed. Why did they come here anyway? There was wet food and ear scratches back at the space station.


The space station. Radar. His humans! That was why they were here! Space cats didn’t just roll around sniffing catnip! They were better than this! Special! He shoved Snowball. “We have to keep moving! There won’t be any more cat treats if we don’t!”


That snapped Snowball out of his stupor. “No more cat treats?”


“Not if the aliens get a hold of the space station!”


“Let’s get ‘em.” said Snowball, the fluffy fur on his neck standing up. He looked positively fierce, but still somehow cuddly. Birch almost wished he could snap photos like the humans. Oh well.


They rejoined Mittens who was laughing at how they’d behaved while affected by the catnip. Birch wasn’t too worried about her blackmail. Odds were they’d have something to tease her about before this adventure was done.


The aliens were gonna pay.



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