Sometimes the world needs an unexpected hero...

It’s sometime the far future and the cat has become incredibly valued as a symbol of cuteness and entertainment. They’ve been engineered with special abilities to enhance their own natural awesomeness. One of these inventions was the space cat.

 Birch was a typical member of the cats in space corps. He was fluffy, black stripes streaked over his gray fur. Generally found curled up in one corner of the space station, especially on top of one of the astronauts computers, he was enjoying the quiet life. He was used to the sounds of the space station control room.

 Then the first blip of something unusual came onto the radar screen. The humans gathered around, looking and Birch was annoyed. What could be more interesting than him? Birch jumped off the top of the work station and strolled to where the humans were making a lot of racket. He rubbed up against legs and fit himself into a spot where he could see. Granted, it was right where the humans were looking, but he put his paws onto the radar screen.

 “Birch, shoo.” said one of the humans. He waited just for a moment longer until someone had properly scratched his ears, then hopped off. Birch had seen what he needed to see. This would be a job for the space cats. Racing down the halls Birch looked for his companions. He would need backup to deal with this threat.

 Mittens and Snowball were snoozing under an artificial sunlight lamp. Birch pounced on them. “We have some aliens to attend to!” he meowed. Mittens rubbed a white paw over her black face, she pouted for just a moment, but then jumped to attention. Snowball took a second pounce to stir from his sleepy state. Snowball was a big, white, and fluffy. He grumbled, but soon they were all hurrying down the hall to the space launch bay.

 But first, a stop in the commissary. The space cats needed some transportation. Birch made his way in first, he and Mittens were small enough to travel by bacon, but Snowball needed a pizza for his bulk. Racing between human feet, they slipped quickly through the line, leaving only a few startled cafeteria workers in their wake.

 Back on task they needed to hurry. Humans were useless when dealing with aliens. Birch, Mittens, and Snowball slid into the launch bay and crept around the landing gears of the space vehicles. They just needed to hurry to the hatch and launch themselves out into the galaxy. Birch went first, sliding through the little tube that led to the outside of the space station, Mittens and Snowball on his heels. The tricky part was getting the timing right on the shield in the tube that kept little space particles from coming inside the exhaust.



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