Top 3 Cosmic Cat Sweaters

Our Best Cosmic Cat Sweaters for Dec. 2016

Number three) Our Cat Face with Jelly Sweater made our list and it ready for you to enjoy. This sweet sweater came in at number three this month. We love this sweater and it really pairs nice with a pair of jeans at a Wednesday afternoon concert, because we know every one has time for that. Any ways this sweater has been selling well so check it out.

peanut butter jelly time cosmic cat

Number two) There was no doubt in our mind that this holiday theme sweater would make the list. We are excited that this cosmic cat sweater did in fact crack the top sales on Just Space Cats. It goes perfect at any company holiday party, any ugly xmas sweater party or even if your trying to win over that guy or girl or your dreams. This cosmic cat sweater is perrr-fect.

 cosmic cat sweater xmas

Number One) This is the classic cosmic cat sweater. This sweater has topped the list for the best two months and is our go to cosmic cat sweater. This sweater is perfect for any day of the week and any event that your heading out to. We love this sweater and hope you do to. If you didn't pick one up yet go ahead and pick one up today. 

cosmic cat eating pizza sweater

If you didn't like any the top selling cosmic cat sweaters form this month check out the rest of our amazing sweater collection below. 





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